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We've been busy doing client work and we're running a minimal site about what we've been up to. Which is websites, data-base driven coordinated web and CD projects, DVD authoring and of course, video, compositing, 2D/3D animation, html 5 & CSS3 (bye bye Flash) help keep this all interesting...

Lately there's been a lot of interest in html 5 and CSS3 animation for iOS devices, which can't display Flash animation... here's a link to try on your iPhone or iPad: www.totalasphalt.com... in the way we've all come to expect, it just works; on older browsers (IE 8.0) it "fails gracefully" so a static image..

Your CAD files, our 3D build and rendering.

We're still a small, multimedia/digital content creation firm with clients ranging from Fortune 200 and 500 to small and medium sized businesses. The emphasis is on meeting our clients needs on time with inspired designs and content through the latest technology.

We use both Mac & PC workstations as the work requires; Intel core i7 or Quad Xeon processors, ram minimum of 16 GB (etc. etc. ad nauseum), in order to get your work done quickly and efficiently, at a substantial cost savings over the traditional Ad Agency approach.

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